Core Features

Get Compliant, Stay Compliant with IComply.


GDPR Planner

Get GDPR compliant with ease using our GDPR Planner. Giving you the time and energy to focus on whats important to you, your business .


Data Audit Tasks

Review and analyse how data is collected, held and used with Data Audit Tasks.


Policy Builder

Our policy builder is complete with editable templates which can be published to your entire team.

Stay Compliant with IComply.


Data Asset Register

Know the type of data you are holding and where it is with our Data Asset Register. For example accounting records or marketing information.


Reminders and Tasks

Set your own reminders and tasks related to specific data to keep you on track with your policies.


Subject Access Requests

Manage your subject access requests with our ticketing system, ensuring departments haver access to necessary data.


“We found MEO-Business to be a far superior system than anything else we looked at, easy to use and cost effective.”

Data Assets & Monitoring

Providing control and visibility of your business information.


Data Storage

Securely store instances of data held within your organisation this may be employee records, marketing lists or suppliers.

Use the data assets to generate reminders and tasks for each department to identify and detail the personal data they hold.


Data Sharing

Create users and a group structure for departments to have access to specific data stored. Our tool allows the addition of new users to multiple groups.


Data Monitoring

Use the Data Assets to generate reminders and tasks for each department to identify and detail the personal data they hold.


Duty of Care

Manage the collection and verification of vehicle and driver details, alerting when documents are due to expire, preventing further mileage claims.


Flexible Reporting

Providing full analysis of your data, extensive reporting is available for all stages.

Create, customise and save your favourite reports.


Report Manager

Our unique analytics, enabling easily reportable data to your Line Manager.

Report directly into your workbooks and update your setup with our download/upload facility.

Chattertons Solicitors

"MEO-Business is a really simple, easy to use system and I would recommend this to anyone considering investing into MEO's platform."

Safe & Secure

Confidence from our business class services.


UK Data Centre

With 100% office hours up-time, all services and information are securely provided from two co-located sites in the UK.


GDPR Compliance

Tools to help prepare and comply with GDPR responsibilities, including Policy Builder, Data Asset tracker, Subject Access Requests, task reminders and full audit trail.


Flexible Sign In Options

With single sign-on (SAML or LDAP), two factor authentication and IP whitelisting, your IT infrastructure requirements are met.