Protect Your Business and Your Drivers

You have a legal and moral obligation to keep your employees safe from harm at work.

If an accident occurs, failure to show that you have taken every necessary steps to ensure their safety could be seen as negligence and lead to expensive litigation costs.

With most accidents at work occur whilst driving, checking that every employee has a valid driving licence and business insurance is essential.

You should also make sure the vehicle they are using is safe to use and roadworthy. If you over-look this and reimburse the employees mileage expenses, you could be seen deemed guilty of allowing the accident to happen or permitting illegal behaviour.


Store, verify and renew staff documents.


Meet legal and moral obligations.


Protect your business and identify risks.


Get vehicle details from DVLA, ensuring that they have valid tax and MOT.

Compliance & Reporting

Providing control and visibility of your business.


Enforce Company Policy

With validation on categories, claims and claimants, keep expenses within defined limits.

Use of out-of-policy warnings and duplicate alerts to prevent suspicious claims, provides confidence that all aspects of your policy are followed.


HMRC Compliance

Full HMRC compliance with quarterly fuel rates and P11d reporting, you can be assured that complex regulations are adhered to automatically.


Maximise VAT Reclaim

Automatic calculation of VAT or sales tax by expense type ensures reclaim for expenditure, such as entertainment or mileage, is maximised.